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// M I G H T Y // F I N E // A R T //
a place for iamsylar to post her dorky sketches :B
I wanna be the very best / like no one ever was 
12th-Jun-2010 02:25 am
Pokemon - Touko + N [hat swapping]
I lied, I didn't get anything scanned. Have some Open Canvas art, instead.

this post includes:
⇒ random girl
⇒ Pokemon; Eeveeloutions

⇒ none, for once.

number of pictures
⇒ 6

I'm messing around with new styles/techniques on Open Canvas. Fun times.

Not happy with this. At all. There's a reason I didn't put my name on it...
Is it obvious I can't remember what Glaceon looks like at all? orz

blah. I kind of like the head and all, but I gave up around the back legs and stopped caring haha

I only like the fire, the rest is crap... not bad for all being on one layer though, I guess.

This, while not great, was super fun to do. I coloured the background[navy blue/black], put another layer of another colour underneath [light blue] and then erased parts of the background [navy blue/black] to make the actual picture part.

Hands down my favorite picture from this whole batch. I may just icon this for myself.
I also didn't like Leafeon AT ALL at first, and now it's quickly becoming one of my fave Eeveeloutions. xD;

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