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// M I G H T Y // F I N E // A R T //
a place for iamsylar to post her dorky sketches :B
"Now that you've got the best of me / There's nothing else that I do well" 
5th-Mar-2010 04:58 pm
Pokemon - Touko + N [hat swapping]
Because random song lyrics are more interesting than "another art dump lol!!" or whatever

this post includes:
⇒ FrUK
⇒ AmeriCan
⇒ OCs
⇒ Arlene
⇒ crossovers
⇒ a fuckton of hetalia
⇒ me
⇒ crack
⇒ random anatomy like practice
⇒ pokemon

⇒ boy x boy oh my
⇒ sexual themes
⇒ poor attempts at anatomy
⇒ bad language
⇒ periods

number of pictures
⇒ 20

My patronus would so be a cat shut up

list of 10 best and worse lovers. with hetalia goggles it is so lulzy. c:
[I also now want some FrUK with England just being AWFUL and France being AWESOME. I also kinda want something with Ireland but I could never bring myself to pair her with someone from canon haha]

Arlene! She is so fun to draw.

Liam! tiny eye is tiny.

I drew this FrUK almost a year ago [May 2009] and still like it and realized it wasn't on the internet as far as I knew so I decided to change that.
My god this is sickeningly cute and sappy.


I still can't remember why I drew this.

my hand and feet.

pokemon! mine are named after hetalia characters for the most part. no really.

it was just one of those days...

my page for the Princess and the Frog/Hetalia crossover comic

my design for the Garyuu Wave keyboardist.

Arlene! Hey hair changes a lot.

Joey all grown up looking. OCs blah

AmeriCan, inspired by my rp over at my musebox

practice ahh

this face is fun to draw js

more Joey! His hair is so ridic.
I feel like I already posted this but don't care to check...

6th-Mar-2010 02:26 am (UTC)
*sobs* why can't that happen in the hot tubs ;3;
7th-Mar-2010 03:30 am (UTC)
Because it would be OOC... deliciously OOC.

Once they hook up one of them will have to take the other back to have fun makeout times~ xD Knowing their luck an employee will catch them and make them leave haha.
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