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a place for iamsylar to post her dorky sketches :B
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Pokemon - Touko + N [hat swapping]
this post includes:
⇒ Pokemon; Charizard

⇒ Shiny Charizard being adorable

number of pictures
⇒ 1

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Pokemon - Touko + N [hat swapping]
I lied, I didn't get anything scanned. Have some Open Canvas art, instead.

this post includes:
⇒ random girl
⇒ Pokemon; Eeveeloutions

⇒ none, for once.

number of pictures
⇒ 6

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Pokemon - Touko + N [hat swapping]
I have so much I want to post... I'll hook the scanner up tomorrow. Expect a lot of Toothless, Pokemon [I'm going to draw all the Eeveeloutions, then pick another Pokemon evolution family, lather rinse repeat and see how far I get] and probably some aph.

Just posting to say I'm not dead and I am working on the prompt list, surprisingly enough.

I have barely had any inspiration lately so I'm happy to be drawing something now, even if it's late and I'm tired. I've been having real trouble drawing faces though, so humans are almost a total no for me atm [unless i do something animu and chibi or whatever] so expect quite a bit of Pokemon for awhile.
Pokemon - Touko + N [hat swapping]
Because random song lyrics are more interesting than "another art dump lol!!" or whatever

this post includes:
⇒ FrUK
⇒ AmeriCan
⇒ OCs
⇒ Arlene
⇒ crossovers
⇒ a fuckton of hetalia
⇒ me
⇒ crack
⇒ random anatomy like practice
⇒ pokemon

⇒ boy x boy oh my
⇒ sexual themes
⇒ poor attempts at anatomy
⇒ bad language
⇒ periods

number of pictures
⇒ 20

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24th-Feb-2010 02:10 am - art preview~
Plushenko - FIERCE
this post includes:
⇒ FrUK I thought I already posted but apparently have not?
⇒ doll art hurr
⇒ old jokes
⇒ um i don't even remember why I drew one of these
⇒ anatomy practice stuff
⇒ OCs! [namely; JOEY!]
⇒ LADY GAGERMANY except this is false advertisement
⇒ birthday art I never gave rainbowmiku because it's not good enough. [But you can still have it if you want darling~]
⇒ Me as a Hufflepuff. [Puff pride!]
⇒ HOLLAND and Belgium... maybe Luxembourg later.
⇒ Molly!

⇒ sketchy!
⇒ boylove~
⇒ umm just be warned in general i guess...
⇒ a lot of this art is OLD!

number of pictures
⇒ 11 [they're all tiny though, don't worry!]

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9th-Feb-2010 12:30 am - REQUEST POST
Pokemon - Touko + N [hat swapping]
Because rainbowmiku someone keeps asking me to draw stuff and I can't keep track.

Request whatever in the comments!

No promises though!


⇒ Prussia in a bathtub, wearing his old pirate hat and playing with toy boats/battleships rubber ducks. For rainbowmiku.
⇒ Holland/maid!Prussia
⇒ Princess and the Frog/Hetalia pages
⇒ more Holland [it's for the club!]
⇒ Lady Gaga!Germany. Lady GaGermany? For rainbowmiku. It's official; she's trying to kill me
⇒ finish FrUK. For rainbowmiku.
⇒ bloody!Russia. For rainbowmiku.
⇒ RusChi of some sort. ahh I NEED DETAILS ahh. For rainbowmiku.
⇒ "WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE THESE? I THINK YOU WOULD." France showing off his man nipples. For rainbowmiku who likes using my own words against me...
⇒ And (Oh god) Russia making snowmen with his fat. For rainbowmiku.
⇒ Spain in a school girl uniform attracting young children. For rainbowmiku.
⇒ OTOU KAWAII DESU MOE MOE UKE DESU America for ninetailedidiot

This list should be called my "For rainbowmiku" list. That is basically what it is. xD
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